Travel Tyme Pilgrimages: curating sacred travel for 46 years!

For centuries, pilgrims have traversed lands and seas, seeking a deeper understanding of Sacred Scripture, retracing Jesus' footsteps, connecting with saints' lives, and immersing themselves in the miracles and apparitions that inspire our faith.  These journeys have been more than physical expeditions, they have been encounters with the Divine, avenues for redemptive grace, and catalysts for the renewal of the human spirit.

Deepen Your Faith Through Transformative Journeys

Embrace the profound significance of a pilgrimage with TravelTyme Pilgrimages, where sacred travel deepens your faith. We specialize in crafting profoundly personal and meticulously planned Roman Catholic pilgrimages to renowned shrines and sacred destinations throughout the world.

Our Mission: Fostering Spiritual Growth:
At Travel Tyme Pilgrimages, our primary objective is cultivating an environment that nurtures your spiritual development throughout your journey.

Experienced Spiritual Guidance:
Every pilgrimage is accompanied by a priest, who serves as your spiritual leader and provides guidance and support.  Our dedicated staff ensures the seamless execution of your pilgrimage, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the experience.

Unparalleled Local Expertise:
We partner exclusively with degreed and experienced local Catholic guides. Their profound knowledge of Church history, theology, and archaeology enriches your understanding of each sacred site and ensures a smooth, culturally sensitive, and religiously significant experience.  Their story-telling brings history alive and empowers the listener to embody the faith. 

A Journey of Transformation:
A pilgrimage is more than just a trip; it's a transformative experience. Over the past four decades, we've witnessed countless individuals embark on a profound journey of spiritual renewal, personal growth, and physical rejuvenation.

Whether you're a seasoned pilgrim or embarking on your first sacred journey, Travel Tyme Pilgrimages is here to serve you. Your pilgrimage should be an occasion of profound transformation.  Contact us today, and let us curate a journey that strengthens your faith and creates lasting memories.

Our Founder

Travel Tyme opened our doors in West Saint Louis County over 46 years ago.  

John Lang, the founder of Travel Tyme, tells of writing airline tickets by hand in those days. He and his team have seen many changes in the travel industry throughout the years. We have kept pace with every aspect of technology. 

One thing which has not changed and is a fundamental objective of our operation – ​to provide complete and satisfying service to our valued clients.