Shrines of French Canada

In the French-speaking province of Québec, religious history runs deep – from the metropolitan city of Montréal to the wooded shores of Lac-Bouchette. It is home to such accolades as the first cathedral built north of Mexico and the second oldest pilgrimage site in North America.  A great religious heritage awaits your group in Canada’s Québec province. 

The Notre-Dame Basilica

The Notre-Dame Basilica is located on the east side of the Place d'Armes in the historic district of Old Montreal. It is seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec, the oldest Roman Catholic parish church of North America and one of the largest churches in North America.

The wood paneling in the Gothic Revival style and the blue glowing stained glass windows create an impressive atmosphere inside. The Gothic interior of the Notre-Dame Basilica was designed by Victor Bourgeau, who was inspired by the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris.The interior was completed in 1880.
This Pilgrimage will feature stops to some of the most important Catholic Shrines in New Mexico. Visit several prominent Cathedrals and Basilicas that played a huge role in the history of Catholicism in the United States.  
Included, are days of prayer and reflection exercises.


Sanctuaire Notre Dame du Cap

Our Lady of the Cape Shrine is the third largest Marian Shrine in North America. Founded in 1888, the Shrine attracts yearly more than 430,000 visitors.

Discover a true oasis of peace and greenery, a huge Basilica (1964) with impressive stained glasses, a historic chapel inaugurated in 1720, and magnificent gardens with pedestrian walkways overlooking the St. Lawrence River. In 2020, the Shrine will celebrate its 300th anniversary.

Saint Anne de Beaupre Basilica of Quebec City

The Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré is a basilica set along the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada, 30 kilometres east of Quebec City, and one of the five national shrines of Canada. It has been credited by the Catholic Church with many miracles of curing the sick and disabled